Commercial passenger plane taking off
Case Studies
The final piece to the jigsaw puzzle


WES had been conducting general engineering work for a large 1st tier Aerospace company for several years, and had developed a strong relationship with the company. When WES entered the first phase of its latest investment program, and installed some impressive new machinery, we invited the customer to come and have a look at one of the machines in operation.

The 2 representatives that arrived were so impressed with our additional capacity that they realised we were capable of undertaking high spec aerospace work. They arranged for their Quality Manager to complete an audit on our processes the following week. He outlined some minor alterations that were necessary, and on their completion gave us their full approval for conducting aerospace level work.

We then spent a couple of weeks in collaboration with them developing a new design for an existing product. Following the successful completion of the product redesign we were sent an enquiry for 4 aerospace components.

We have now developed a large portfolio of aerospace products which has proven to be an excellent first step into the aerospace industry.

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