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Wire Erosion

AgieCharmilles Wire CUT 30P

X,Y,Z Travel 600 X 400 X 350mm

AgieCharmilles Wire CUT 20P

X,Y,Z Travel 350 X 250 X 250mm

Spark Erosion

AgieCharmilles Form 20 Spark Eroder
AgieCharmilles Form 200 Spark Eroder

With 30 Tool autochanger

Our range of Wire and Spark Eroders are all guaranteed +/- 0.003mm accuracy with 0.002mm repeatability and Fikus Visualcam support.


Haas VF4 Superspeed

Haas VF2 Superspeed


Full 5 axis machining centre

XYZ Prototrak LPM

785mm x 470mm x 530mm travel

Haas Machining Centres 3 and 4 Axis CNC vertical machining centres.

Haas TM1 CNC tool room mill

XYZ DPM 4000 & 5000

ProtoTrak AGE 3 programming with Auto Geometry

Pro 3000

Various other CNC and manual milling machines


Robbi OMICRON CNC Universal Grinding machine

Including a C Axis with interpolation and a fully programmable rotating wheel and work head

Full range of Internal, External, Surface, Profile, and Universal Grinders

All grinders have Mitutoyo PM (0.001mm readout) and DRO’s fitted as standard.

Heald 355 Dia (14" x 600mm (24")

Long bore and CNC Horizontal automated sawing machine


Mori Seiki CNC Twin Spindle Mill/Turn

Sub spindle machine with 5HP driven tooling. 80mm bar feed, 356mm turning dia. × 705mm long.

Colchester Tornado High Speed lathe

Sub spindle machine with driven tooling

XYZ Proturn SLX 555

Large capacity lathe

Haas ST10Y

CNC Lathe with C Axis driven tooling

Haas SL10

With multi bar feed.

Mustang 200

CNC lathe.

XYZ Proturn TRL41OVS

CNC Centre lathe. ProTrak LX2 Programming, Dickson S3QC tool post.

Colchester VS Triumph

With Heidenhain VRZ779 3 axis DRO.

Harrison M250

With Mitutoya DRO, ITS Erowa work-holder, 4 way quick change tool post and rear post.

Harrison Centre Lathe

Centre lathe with programmable Mitutoya DRO.

Herbert and Ward

Capstan lathes.

Lapping and Polishing

15" Lapping machine

2 x Rotary Polishing Heads

Part Marking

Laser Marking system

Programmable Indentation machine

Roll stamping

Hand stamping

Inspection CMM

Mitutoyo Euro-M 544

3 AXIS cmm. Accuracy within +/- 0.0015mm. Full range of insection equipment.

Full inspection facilities and ISO 9001 Quality Approval

Some of our other general equipment...

50 and 100 ton vertical hydraulic press

Rotary gun arm bending machine

Shunt making cell with special CNC machine

Heat treatment and hardness testing facilities

Full range of support equipment
including: CNC sawing, welding, brazing,
bead-blasting, Wet blasting and assembly

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