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Hardmetal Engineering were approached in 2003 regarding a new component that was required by an Oil and Gas company based in mainland Europe. Due to the intricate and specific nature of the required component, they had scanned the continent for specialists in the machining of very hard metals. The project was scheduled to take up to 5 years in development - based on a similar research programme that they had conducted previously.

Following initial discussions and the transfer of conceptual drawings, 2 Hardmetal technical support operatives flew out to the company and spent a week working collaboratively with the their engineers.

Back at base our designers worked tirelessly on the development of a component that fitted the brief exactly. It had to sit on the North Sea bed for 20 years, and work perfectly every time it was needed (usually just once a year- to check that it still worked). The customer was delighted when the basis of the design was presented, and later admitted that they weren’t even sure that the component was feasible.

It was then down to the Hardmetal engineers to create the product whilst adhering to the highly critical tolerances and surface finishes required. Batches were sent to and fro so that every aspect of the quality could be assured.

Eventually, in early 2006, the design, specification and quality of the product was finalised and Hardmetal Engineering went in to full blown production, having cut the allotted development time in half.

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