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A long term customer of Hardmetal Engineering’s, who gave us a small amount of work on an ad-hoc basis, approached us because they had a problem with their current refurbishment supplier.

The price of the refurbishment had gone up substantially and the regularity of the service was unpredictable, despite the customer having a steady stream of refurbishment work required.

Hardmetal visited the customer and discussed the situation. We agreed a suitable price for refurbishment, and decided that we would pick up the parts to be refurbished on a weekly (rather than monthly) basis, and return them when we picked up the next batch.

This set up worked well and as a result we now carry out a similar system with a number of customers around the country who have their tooling, punches, or dies refurbished on a regular basis.

If you would like to set up a similar system with us, please call James Gazzard on 01209 202800, or email

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