Punches and Dies
Punches and Dies


Punches and Dies

Made in a combination of hardened steel and various carbides depending on the specific application.

Our punches and Dies are machined to exact tolerances and polished surface finish requirements. They are generally used in metal shear applications and compression of pre-sinted carbon and ceramic powders.

There are various types of Dies and Plugs that we manufacture, including:

Carbide dies and Plugs

  • Standard wire drawing dies

  • Drawing dies for round bars - point start and push-point

  • Drawing dies for round tubes - plug drawing and sinking

  • Fixed plugs - solid end and shell end

  • Floating plugs and complimentary dies

  • Tube drawing blocks

  • Drawing dies for hexagonal bars - point start and push point

  • Drawing dies for square bars

  • Shape drawing dies

  • Adjustable dies

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Punch and Die partPunch and Die partPunch and Die part



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