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Case Studies
Production line in action


In May 2006, a company approached WES as they had an urgent problem that their current supplier - a competitor to WES - couldn’t solve. WES immediately empathised with their situation, and due to the nature of the emergency and the potential cost to the client of production being compromised, WES promptly redirected our Technical Support Manager (Geoff Higgs) to the customer.

Geoff arrived at 10am and having spent 3 hours on site assessing the problem, he contacted the WES factory and explained the bespoke component that would be necessary to solve the problem. The team re-arranged their workload, and immediately got to work on making the parts, whilst Geoff headed back to base.

The parts were completed by 6.30pm, and Geoff immediately put them in the boot of his car and headed back up the M5 to install the part for the customer. By 11pm, just 14 hours after the initial emergency call, the parts had been installed, and production was not compromised.

The company is now a regular customer of WES, and no longer uses the previous supplier.

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