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A recent example of our exceptional service, and value capture capabilities is based around a new enquiry that we gained from a Japanese electronics company based in the UK.

They had suffered severely due to the recent increases in copper prices, and the subsequent increase in the price of their Copper Tungsten electrodes, and associated products. WES quoted on their 3 products, and were able to offer a considerably lower price on all 3 products.

One electrode had previously been made in Copper, whereas WES quoted and supplied it in Copper Tungsten, making the component last 80% longer.

In order to prove our claims of 80% increased effectiveness, WES provided 6 free of charge samples (2 sets of 3), and sent them to the customer within 3 days.

Following the successful trial, WES provided the 1st order of 50 at the 100 off price, as a goodwill gesture, to ensure that the products proved to be consistently efficient.

An emergency phone call was received on a Wednesday afternoon, 2 weeks before the second batch of products was due to be sent. The customer was running dangerously low on one of the components, and needed a solution. Despite not having the right size of material, we managed to mill a large piece of material down to the right size, and produce 10 products to ensure their production flow was not compromised. The components arrived at the customer at 8.30am on the Friday morning- just 40 hours after the initial phone call. WES and the customer came to a compromise on the additional material, machining and delivery charge, with WES absorbing some of the cost internally.

WES then provided value capture documentation showing the technical support provided, the lower prices offered (savings on last suppliers process, as well as savings due to offering the 10 off price for 50 products), the 6 free samples, and the urgent order including additional machining, material and delivery costs. This totalled over £900.

Needless to say the customer has now committed to a long term relationship with WES.

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