welding consumables
welding consumables


Nut electrodes are used in both Nut and Bolt welding. In both cases the guide pin locates itself in the centre of the electrode to ensure a correctly positioned weld.


The basic lower nut weld tool consists of a copper body which sits in a toolpost, a copper electrode which screws into the body and the location pin which passes through the threaded electrode.

Nut electrodes with an Elkonite face

With weld nuts and weld bolts the lower copper electrode will “dish” through repetitive wear and force being applied in the same area, so skimming or replacement can be quite frequent. One solution to this is to fit a copper tungsten disc to the electrode face. Although this material is more resistive that copper this has to be compensated for in the machine control. Electrode changes will be greatly reduced.

Nut electrodes with an insulated sleeve

Using weld bolts is a similar arrangement to weld nuts. This time the location pin replaced by a fixed, insulated sleeve which can be ceramic or non-magnetic steel. The sleeve is insulated otherwise you will get arcing on the weld bolt threads as welding current always takes the shortest path. On the typical lower tool set-up, an air cylinder connected to a rod will eject the stud out of the sleeve and the end of cycle.

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