welding consumables
welding consumables


The weld cap is the fastest moving copper consumable in resistance welding as it actually makes contact to perform the weld.

WES hold large stocks of standard caps as well as various specials for our customers. Standard caps are cold formed and we have a very good relationship with our cap supplier to enable a fast response to customer demand. Some special or modified caps are made at WES in smaller quantities.

Cap profiles

Below are the Standard ISO caps, available with male or female tapers:

Type A -Radiused Face tip    Type B - Centre tip      Type C - Flat face tip      Type D - Offset tip

Type E - Bullet tip          Type F - Domed tip        Type G - Bullet with spot

Although most industries use ISO electrode caps, some automobile manufacturer’s used their own standards or a variation on the ISO theme. These tend to be the Japanese origin plants, so although the electrode cap may visually look the same there could be something different,  i.e. taper, length, tip profile etc. WES can also supply these.

Cap Materials

Weld caps are typically made from one of 3 copper alloys:

Zirconium Copper (ZrCu, A2/4)  : Resists sticking on coated steels, Reduces energy requirements, Reduces down time & Cost effective.

Chrome Zirconium Copper (CrZrCu, A2/2)  : Reliable, Consistent, Minimum cost.

Dispersion Strengthened Copper (C15760) : Non sticking on coated steels,  Longer electrode life, Reduces down time, Reduces energy requirements, Wide welding window.

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