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Copper Gun Arms

Copper arms can be straight, have a single bend, double bend, or triple bend and be up to 70mm diameter. The gun arm shank is machined to suit the weld gun chassis housing whilst the opposite end would either have a bore with integral o-ring groove, or a thread. They can also have reinforcing webbing welded to them for additional strength.

All copper gun arms have a facility for water cooling - usually a single hole through the centre of the arm where a tube is fitted. The tube then mates with a 'water-in' connection at one end of the arm and is adapted to suit the bent / tip adaptor at the other end of the arm. The 'water-out' is again back through the arm between the water tube and the arm central bore. Some gun arms are double drilled with individual holes for water in and out.

Single bend copper gun arm

Aluminium Gun Arms

The most common Aluminium gun arms are manufactured from rectangular material. They are frequently found on longer reach applications as they can provide an overall robot gun weight saving against copper arms. The aluminium specification is 7075 or the lesser 6082. The arms can be copper plated which helps reduce the metal to metal contact interface resistance between the copper electrode holder end block and where the gun arm clamps into the weld gun chassis.

Aluminium gun arm

Cast Gun Arms

Cast Arms are becoming less common on modern set-up's but are still the only answer for some applications due to their high strength compared to the aluminium alternative. Most cast arms feature integral water cooling tubes.
Cast Arms are supplied in a variety of materials:
• High Tensile Brass
• Chrome Zirconium Copper
• Beryllium Copper (0.5%)

Adaptor Blocks

These are sometimes referred to as Gun arms as they are normally mounted directly onto the weld gun. Adaptor blocks can be substantial in design and typically have a two or four bolt fixing method. They are usually fitted with male tapers to accept an electrode cap.

Adaptor block

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