welding consumables
welding consumables


Laminated Shunts

Shunts can be standard or bespoke in shoe or plated form. There are varying leaf thicknesses from 0.05mm to 0.25mm and WES can manufacture shunts up to a metre in length.

Shunts are a flexible, leaf copper conductor capable of carrying heavy welding currents. They transmit the current from the secondary side of the welding transformer (normally via a busbar) to the weld gun arm. The shunt’s physical size is determined by the current it has to carry and operational criteria, they are normally used on the “moving” side of the equipment.


Busbars are normally a water cooled, copper bar which acts as an intermediate piece between the weld transformer and the shunt. These are bespoke to each piece of equipment.

laminated shunt laminated shunt

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