welding consumables
welding consumables


WES manufacture and supply tip cutters and holders that fit into any tip dressing machine, including the following makes of tip dress unit:

Kyokutoh, Lutz, Bräuer GMBH, Stillwater, ETS, Wedo, AEG, AMDP, Exrod, Ravitex, Obara, Ai-esu, Semtorq, Retek, Hi-tech, Gem, Vesa, ABB, Rotork and others.

WES Tip cutters are used throughout the UK, European, and American automotive markets, and are held in high regard for their flexibility, durability and efficiency. We offer a range of finishes and coatins to enhance the life of the cutters and holders.

They are the only tip cutters made in the UK, which reduces their price and lead time compared to the foreign alternatives.

We also provide bespoke air-blast blocks for removing problematic swarf from the tip cutting process. Often the OEM air pipe does not provide enough power to remove swarf, which can cause regular downtime on the production line. WES air blast blocks are designed for the specific tip dressers and retro fitted to provide a powerful jet of air which is far more effective at removing swarf.



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