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Since joining Hardmetal Engineering their newest recruit has hit the floor running and increased sales enquiries beyond expectation. David Hyslop joined the Cornwall based precision engineering company through an Unlocking Cornish Potential placement, and has increased enquiries by a massive 31% and increase turnover by 41%. David graduated with a master in marketing and has used this to his advantage.

These incredible increases are due to the new eMarketing strategies that David has brought with him from the luxury furniture trade. He has combined email marketing campaigns with new eBrochure designs, blogging and search engine optimisation, he also works tirelessly to implement new customer relationship management systems, to increase the customer focused ethos of Hardmetal.

David believes “it’s all down to looking after your customers; you must always remember that on average 80% of your revenue comes from just 20% of your customers.”

Hardmetal Engineering are very proud of their customer service and to see how they are doing, they will be conducting their annual customer survey later this month.

James Gazzard, Marketing manager, commented “During the recovery from the recession every possible advantage must be used to ensure a companies continued success, we are very pleased with the way David has become part of the WES family and achieved such triumphs.”

UPDATE: David has been nominated for an award by UCP for his work with WES, the award ceremony is on the 17th of February, we wish him the best of luck.


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