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We are proud to announce that one of our team has won an award of ‘apprentice of the year’ from his college.

Guy Millership had this to say at his award presentation “I would like to thank my tutor and my college for all the support they have provided me during my apprenticeship and a huge thanks to WES for their teaching, training and guidance they continue to offer.”

Guy has many talents, we are especially grateful for his video production skills. Guy has produced and continues to produce all of our videos, which can be seen on their respective webpages:

Wire Erosion

Laser Marking

Another of our apprentices, Aaron Polhill, also provides us with all of our photography as well as his current roll as a machinist. Most of the pictures you see on the website are photographed by Aaron. Aaron also does weddings and other special occasions, he was the photographer for our Sales and Marketing Managers wedding.


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