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During the Spring of 2013 we ordered a brand new Colchester Tornado Series High Speed Lathe to compliment our existing suite of lathes in the CNC Turning section.

Cell Leader of the Turning Section, Andy Csanyi, explains "This is a High Speed Lathe with a Sub Spindle and Driven Tooling which now gives us another option for one-hit machining. Parts that require both milling and turning can go through our Mori Seiki Mill-Turn but now we have the option of producing them on the new Tornado Lathe as well which is going to increase throughput and improve efficiency quite significantly".

Swing over bed 600mm
X Working Travel 270mm
Z Working Travel 600mm
Nominal Max turned diameter 360mm
Nominal Max turned length 550mm
Drawtube bore 66.5mm
Spindle nose A2-6
Chuck sizes 254/210mm
Spindle height 977mm
Max. spindle speed 3500/5000rpm
Spindle motor power 26kW
Bed inclination 60
Rapid traverse rates Z/X 30/30m/min
Positional accuracy / Repeatability ±0.005 / 0.002mm
No. of tool stations 12
Tooling type VDI 40
Coolant tank capacity – litres 25
Coolant pump delivery – litres/min. 150
Max. power consumption 50kVA
Approx. net weight 4550kg


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