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In order to reduce our dependence on sub-contract laser marking, WES have now purchased a diode side-pump laser marking machine which is capable to completing all our laser marking requirements in-house.

It has a high ratio between the electro and light for conversion efficiency and lower consumption.

The laser facular is small, providing amazing accuracy results.

Our version comes with a C axis for rotary marking.

Laser-wavelength 1064nm
Laser scope(standard) 50W
Laser repeat frequency ≤50KHz
Making scope(standard) 100mm×100mm
Making scope(optional) 175mm×175mm
Making depth ≤0.3mm
Making speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line-width 0.015mm
Min.Character 0.3mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.015mm
Positioning system Red-light pointer
Host energy consumption 2.5KW
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Cooling mode Water-cooling
Monitor LCD diplay

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