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As part of a significant investment programme during 2013 - 2014, our Hardmetal Engineering division have purchased a brand new CNC Universal Grinding Machine which will go a long way to improving our grinding capabilities. The Grinder has a C axis with interpolation as well as a fully programmable rotating wheel and work head.

Operations Manager, Daniel Hutchings, descibes the impact it will have on our grinding cell "This new CNC Universal Grinder will compliment our existing suite of over 15 grinders very well. It will provide functionality that we don't currently have access to and will increase capacity through an already busy section. We anticipate that the machine will run 16 hours a day initially before being increased to a 24 hour pattern, running unmanned through the night."

Mr Hutchings added "It's an exciting time for the company as this acquistion is the latest in a range of new equipment that we have purchased to drive efficiency and reduce delivery times to our customers in what can be a very demanding market."


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