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At the end of 2012 a Brand New XYZ Proturn SLX 555 CNC lathe was installed to increase capacity through our CNC Turning section.

Managing Director, Andrew Hosking, describes the reasoning behind the purchase: "This machine was brought in to cope with demand for large Gun Arms and other products that aren't suited to our range of high speed lathes. We are committed to providing a consistent quality product to our customers whilst cutting lead times wherever possible."

Swing over bed

560 mm

Swing in Gap

780 mm

Gap in front of faceplate

224 mm

Swing over cross slides

350 mm

Cross Slide Travel

280 mm

Distance between centres

1750 mm

Maximum Cutting Length

1650 mm

Spindle bore

104 mm

Spindle nose

D 1-11 camlock

Spindle taper

MT7 in bush

Spindle motor

11 Kw (15hp)

Spindle speeds

30-1800 rpm

Tailstock Travel

160 mm

Tailstock taper


Tailstock diameter

90 mm

Bed Width

370 mm

Footprint L x D x H

3350 x 1600 x 1950 mm


4100 kg

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