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During the second half of 2012 we have invested in a new, bespoke, state of the art Heat Treatment Oven and Furnace to replace our exisiting ovens.

Production Engineer, Simon Hutchings, who created the specification and oversaw the installation of the new equipment commented "We use these ovens on a daily basis to Anneal or Age harden the various materials that we use. The new furnaces increase our heat treatment capacity significantly as the previous ovens were quite small and they also go to much higher temperatures which reduces the need for sub-contract heat treatment so our customers can recieve their orders much quicker."

He added, "Both machines are fitted with an impressive fully automatic three term PID Cal programmer, giving digital readouts and offering 126 segments of program. They also come complete with bespoke stainless quenching tanks giving us greater capability of metal heat treatment".


 Vecstar Air Re-circulation Oven for use up to 600deg c and having chamber volume of 250 litres.

Vecstar Electric Chamber Furnace  capable of temperatures to 1200deg c and having chamber volume of 80 litres.

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