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Marc Goodchild has recently joined the Sales and Technical Support team as a specialist Hardmetal advisor.

Marc originally joined the company on our renowned apprentice program and succesfully became a skilled engineer. His last position was as a senior Programmer / Setter / Operator in our CNC Lathe section and he was also fully trained in wire erosion and spark erosion in our EDM section.

Sales and Marketing Managaer, James Gazzard, adds "Marc is really enthusiastic about engineering and is looking forward to working with our customers to solve their problems. He isn't a 'salesman' but we're not a sales company, we focus on working with our great customer base to support them with engineering solutions and Marc's knowledge of machining processes and material properties will be very useful in this process. Welcome to the team Marc!"

Marc will become the main point of contact for many Hardmetal customers, providing customer service and technical support.


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